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Welcome to Sands Consulting

Sands Consulting International is a small business that understands the needs of other small businesses in a global market.

International Procurement
Customized service for small businesses seeking international suppliers

Government Contracts/B2G
We provide market entry advisory services to small businesses seeking contracts by which to sell their services or products to the Federal Government

Global Sourcing/International Procurement
You worry about your bottom line and we will deal with language differences, cultural influences, understanding the political situation, time zones and foreign laws/regulations. Global sourcing is not always as cost effective as it may first appear; we not only look at the quality and dependability of the supplier, but approach the proposal by identifying the overall costs such as the logistics, government taxes/tariffs, cycle time differences and inventory issues.

Government Contracts
We provide services to negotiate and secure federal government contracts and solicitations. You will not only be served by us completing, submitting and negotiating on your behalf, but we also can maintain and update the contract. We can prepare and submit addition/deletion modifications, price reductions, economic adjustments and administrative changes. Simplify the procurement process and make opportunities happen with the largest consumer in the world, the U.S. government.

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